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Our Commitment and Vision

Our Commitment to The Green Printing Industry

To have everyone—especially those who are already environmentally conscious—use only 100% Eco-friendly production for all their green printing, and to have each project we do be as cost-effective, efficient, joyful, creative, and beautiful as possible.

Our Vision for Environmentally Friendly Printing

A planet free from conventional, unsustainable, toxic, unconscious printing, logging, and papermaking.

Sweet, clean, pure air, water, and earth with vibrantly healthy forests, plants, wildlife, insects, food, businesses, and people.

Our Short-Term Goals of Green Printing

By 2010:

  • To have all environmentally conscious individuals and companies in the US printing, packaging, and marketing with 100% Eco-friendly printing and packaging materials.
  • To create a cooperative green printing facility in the US that is completely off the grid.

Our Long-Term Goals of Green Printing

By 2015:

  • To have all printing in the US be environmental printing.
  • To have three off-the-grid green printing facilities in the US, one each in the western, eastern, and central parts of the country.


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