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Who We Are

Seeds Green Printing is a green printing company located on the East Coast in Pittsburgh, PA. with West Coast sales offices in San Diego and San Francisco, California. Seeds Green Printing is comprised of environmentally conscious, creative professionals with 25 years of experience in the fields of printing, design, marketing, writing and editing, personal evolution, transformation, and world-class customer service. We are continually educating ourselves on the latest technologies of environmental printing and advancements in our fields and seeking ways to improve our eco-friendly sustainable services.† Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team of green printing professionals.

Owner/Founder Jeffrey A. Shaw

Jeff is a master printer with over 27 years experience in the printing business. He began working in commercial printing at the age of 20 at R.R. Donnelley & Sons in Pittsburgh. After 10 years in the conventional print business, observing the toxic hazards and senseless waste of the industry, he left in 1997 to start his own company with a commitment to offer environmental printing services to his clients. Since that time, he has worked with leading environmentalists to make ecological green printing commercially viable. Jeff looks at each new project as an opportunity and adventure in greening the planet. With a masterís degree in divinity and two bachelorís degrees in business and economics, he is a certified bee keeper and bee rescue worker.† What describes Jeff best is his commitment to the environment and to bringing excellence, integrity, and 100% customer satisfaction to every project.

The Seeds Green Printing Team

We have an environmentally committed team of passionate, multi-talented creative professionals including leading-edge graphic and web designers, award-winning editors, marketing wizards, and mail fulfillment and delivery specialists. We are all eager to be of service and support you with all your green marketing projects.


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